01. Judy Roberts – Fantasy
02. Brief Encounter – Human
03. Leonard Chin feat. Alan Weeks – What More Can I say
04. Leo Sayer – Easy To Love
05. Rance Allen Group – Reason To Survive
06. Freddie Chavez – Cold Rainy Day
07. Con Funk Shun – Who Has The Time
08. The Futures – Ain’t Got Time Fa Nuthin’
09. Leo’s Sunship – I’m Back For More
10. Jason Joshua & The Beholders – Rosegold
11. Bobby Oroza – This Love
12. Innersouls – Thoughts
13. Gloria Jay – Know What You Want
14. Ethel Beatty – It’s Your Love
15. Jaye P. Morgan – Here Is Where Your Love Belongs
16. Trio Ternura – Last Tango In Paris




Kaum ein anderes Genre malt solch schöne Bilder im Kopf wie klassische Musik. Kein Wunder, dass Film-Soundtracks meist von großen Orchestern eingespielt werden. Fusionieren solche klassischen Instrumente und Arrangements mit den technischen Möglichkeiten und Instrumenten der heutigen Zeit, kann daraus noch viel größeres entstehen.
Mit diesem Sunday Joint widmen wir uns dieser Fusion aus Klassik und Elektronik und der hieraus entstehenden cineastischen Atmosphären. Hierfür selektierten wir Werke moderner Künstler, wie Iskandar Widjaja, Robert Koch, John Metcalfe und Nils Frahm, die das spielen ihrer Instrumente und das beherrschen der Technik in jahrelanger Fleißarbeit perfektionierten und damit Kompositionen schafften, die zeitlos und einmalig sind.
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Lambert – As Ballad
Ceeys – Union
Niklas Paschburg – Journey Among Worlds
Robot Koch & Sanannah Jo Lack & Delhia De France – Heart As A River
John Metcalfe – See Me Through
Grandbrothers – Bloodflow
Clemens Christian Pötsch – For Fathers
Delhia De France – Moirai’s Choir
Greg Haines – The Spin
Robot Koch – Movement III
Nils Frahm – Suson
Iskandar Widjaja – Frates





1 These foolish things (remind me of you) – Thelonious Monk
2. The nearness of you – Norah Jones
3. How come you don’t call me any more – Prince
4. When Sunny gets blue – McCoy Tyner
5. In A Sentimental Mood – Duke Ellington
6. Kissing A Fool – George Michael
7. A thousand dreams of you – Lesiie Chung
8. Samba Da Bencao – Bebel Gilberto
9. Find your wings – Tyler the creator
10. Dillalude #2 – Robert Glasper
11. LOVE & You & I – Jazzanova
12. International lover (Piano & Microphone 1983) – Prince



Der 8jährige Arlo und der 10jährige Otis aka The Sunday Get Down spielen 45’s von Andy Cooper, Djar One, IncreDeeple, Rose Royce, The Mohawks, Gwen McCrae, Sly and the Family Stone und vielen mehr:


Der 8jährige Arlo und der 10jährige Otis stecken hinter The Sunday Get Down. Die beiden Jungs sammeln scheinbar seit ihrem 3. Lebensjahr mit Hilfe ihres Vaters Funk, Soul und Disco Singles:

Since Arlo was 3 he would come record shopping with me (his dad) at Rarekind Records in Brighton. The record shop owner was great and allowed him to flick through the massive pile of cheap old 45s that was in boxes on the floor. Arlo would pick out any that caught his eye, I would let him listen to them and then buy him the one or two that he liked best. Before he could read he got to recognise the looks of the labels that he liked and over the years his taste has developed as much as his record box has grown. Anytime we have friends over the boys get the records out and want to play a DJ set for them. They simply love the music and love sharing it with people.

Das klingt ziemlich ungewöhnlich – b.t.w. hier ist ihr Oktober Mix als Video und als Mixtape:

Sunday Get Down Theme – Andy Cooper, Djar One, IncreDeeple
Right Place Wrong Time – Dr John
99lbs – Anne Peebles
Yes We Can Can – the Pointer Sisters
Just Kissed My Baby – The Meters
Think – James Brown
Ladies’ Night – Kool and the Gang
Bad – Michael Jackson
Bustin’ Loose – Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers
My World – Djar One feat. RYT









Otis Redding “That’s How Strong My Love Is” (1965)
Otis Redding “Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa-Fa (Sad Song)” (1966)
The Lover Kool Dee & DJ Freeze “The Crew (Is in the House)” (1988)
Nine “Whutcha Want?” (1994)
Otis Redding “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay” (1968)
DBL Crew “Bust It” (1986)
Inspectah Deck “R.E.C. Room” (1999)
Kenny Dope f. Shaggy “Gunshot” (1992)
Positive K “Ain’t No Crime (K-Def Mix)” (1993)
Otis Redding “Scratch My Back” (1966)
3rd Bass “Come In” (1991)
Yo-Yo “It’s a Long Way Home” (1992)
Nubian Crackers “Two For the Time (Symphonic Cracker Mix)” (1992)
Marley Marl f. Masta Ace, Craig G, Kool G Rap & Big Daddy Kane “The Symphony” (1988)
Masta Ace “Four Minus Three” (1990)
Otis Redding “Hard To Handle” (1968)
Pitch Black “What U Gonna Do” (2006)
Truck Turner f. Big Pun, Kool G Rap & KRS-One “Symphony 2000” (1999)
Big L “Freestyle”
Frankie Cutlass “The Cypher Part III” (1997)
DJ Muggs vs. GZA “Smothered Mate (Remix)” (2005)
Capleton f. Method Man “Wings of the Morning (Dynamik Duo Mix)” (1995)
EPMD “The Steve Martin” (1988)
Otis Redding “Let Me Come on Home” (1967)
Lord Finesse “Hip 2 Da Game” (1995)
Originoo Gunn Clappaz “Gunn Clapp” (1996)
Das EFX “Dums Dums” (1992)
Otis Redding “The Happy Song (Dum-Dum)” (1968)
The Genius “Phony As You Wanna Be” (1991)
Grand Puba “360 (What Goes Around)” (1992)
House of Pain “Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)” (1992)
Wu-Tang Clan “Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)” (2000)
Lords of the Underground f. Sah-B “Flow On (New Symphony)” (1993)
Otis Redding & Carla Thomas “Tramp” (1967)
CB4 “Sweat of My Balls” (1993)
Otis Redding “Wonderful World (DJ Twister Edit)”
Otis Redding “Respect” (1965)





Howling – Phases
Jesper Ryom – Chants
Gidge – Huldra
GHEIST – Frequent Tendencies
Kiasmos – Blurred
Maribou State – Moon Circles
Four Tet – Pinnacles
Lemon Jelly – 75 aka stay with you




Max Stark did it again! Nur zwei Monate nach seinem letzten Sonntags-Mix legt der Hamburger mit einem neuen Dübel nach. Seinem Style bleibt er dabei treu und erfreut uns erneut mit einer astreinen Selektion an Soul und Hip-Hop.
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Einen solch tierischen Sunday Joint hatten wir noch nie: Oonops Drops, bekannt vom Brooklynradio, selektierte für seine Mischung ausschließlich Songs, die zumindest Tiere im Titel haben. Dieser eklektische Mix ist extrem vielfältig und reicht von Dub über Reggae, Soul, Funk zu Afro-Jazz bis hin zu Brass.
Ein tierisches Feuerwerk der Sounds. Viel Spaß damit!



01 Blundetto featuring Hindi Zahra – White Birds
02 Bob Dylan – Man Gave Names To All The Animals
03 Prince Fatty – The Fat Panther
04 Tenor Saw – Golden Hen
05 Alice Russell – Fly In The Hand (DJ Vadim Remix)
06 Moonstarr – Tiger Funk
07 Quantic & Mr. Scruff – Giraffe Walk
08 Renegades Of Jazz – Zebra Talk
09 The Sorcerers – Elephant
10 The Maytals – Monkey Man
11 Amy Whinehouse – Monkey Man
12 U.N.K.L.E featuring Nigo & Scratch Perverts – Ape Shall Never Kill Ape (Twin Tower Mix)
13 Val Merrall’s Orchestra – The Horse
14 The Shaolin Afronauts – The Quiet Lion
15 Hackney Colliery Band – Africa




1. John Cameron – Liquid Sunshine
2. Michel Lorin Et Son Ensemble – Douceur tropicale
3. Stelvio Cipriani – Mary’s Theme
4. Piero Umiliani – La Ragazza Dalla Pelle Di Luna
5. El Chicano – Viva Tirado
6. Brian Auger & Trinity – Isola Natale
7. George Benson – Summertime
8. Della Reese – I Got The Blues
9. Van Morrison – Moondance
10. Gil Scott-Heron – Is That Jazz?
11. Johnny Guitar Watson – Reconsider Baby
12. Nina Simone – The Gal From Joe’s
13. Daliah Lavi – Fieber
14. Quincy Jones – Killer Joe
15. Hiroshi Suzuki -Romance
16. Larry Page – Do It In Slow Motion
17. Stefano Torossi – Walking In The Dark


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