La Granja Orchestra “There Must Be A Change (Extended Guitar Mix)”
Natural High Dubs meets Marcus I “Step By Step”
Natural High Dubs meets Marcus I “Step By Step DUB”
Pilah ft Joe Pilgrim & IvanJah “Long Night”
Dub Shepherds “Fever (Extended Mix ft IvanJah)”
Antibypass “Bat Cave Nr. 13”
Babe Roots “Be Still”
Another Channel “Don’t Believe”
Babe Roots “Peace Love Unity feat Baba Ras”
Babe Roots “Jah Nuh Dead feat Stephanie Wright”
Another Channel “Run (Babe Roots Remix)”
J Path – Threshing Ground (Trigram 1)
J-Path – Threshing Ground (Alpha Steppa Remix, Trigram 1)
Alpha Steppa – Shaka Satori (Trigram 3)
JahYu – To The End Of The Earth And Sea (Trigram 5)
JahYu – Chuno Kinte (Trigram 2)
Alpha Steppa – Ancestral Memory (Trigram 5)
Alpha Steppa – Fire Key (Trigram 3)
Alpha Steppa – Fire Key [Returns] (Digital Bonus Trigram 3)Zentash Gigawatt – Lost In The Jungle (Trigram 4)
Zentash Gigawatt – Found In The Desert (Trigram 4)
Alpha Steppa – Ro Heath (Trigram 6)
Spiritual Rockers – Fireland Dub (Trigram 7)
Alpha Steppa – Nkosi Yamakhosi (Trigram 8)
Alpha Steppa – Yamakhosi Dub (Trigram 8)
T-Jah & Kuriooki “Pantherkatze”
Babe Roots “Bless Me feat Baba Ras”
Babe Roots Sweet Reggae Music ft Baba Ras”
Babe Roots “Sweet Version”




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1. Intro
2. Protoje & Kiddus I – Graduation In A Matter Of Time Dubplate [Graduation In Zion Riddim]
3. Meleku – What To Make Of This World Dubplate [Graduation In Zion – Promise Land Riddim]
4. Randy Valentine – Marijuana Session Dubplate [Promise Land Riddim]
5. Lil Ike – Second Chance Dubplate [Promise Land Riddim]
6. Lila Ike – Hail The King Dubplate [Jerusalem Riddim]
7. Protoje ft. Big Youth & Daweh Congo – Go With I Oh Lord I Pray Dubplate [Drum Song Riddim]
8. Chronixx – Start A Fyah Dubplate [Drum Song Riddim – Broadway Riddim]
9. Jesse Royal – Modern Day Judas Dubplate [Broadway Riddim]
10. Protoje – Rise Up Dubplate [Broadway Riddim]
11. Chronixx – Behind Curtain Dubplate [Broadway Riddim]
12. Jesse Royal – Greedy Babylon Dubplate [Blood Money Riddim]
13. Protoje – Blood Money Dubplate
14. Luciano – Its Me Again JAH Dubplate [Solidarity Riddim]
15. Dre Island – M16 Dubplate [Hot Milk – Cuss Cuss Riddim]
16. Mr. Williamz – We Run England Dubplate [Cuss Cuss Riddim]
17. Horace Andy – Cuss Cuss Dubplate [Cuss Cuss – Heavenless Rididm]
18. Damian Marley – Nail Pon Cross Dubplate [Heavenless Riddim]
19. Samory I & Kabaka Pyramid – The Phenomenon Scepter Dubplate [M16 Riddim]
20. Karbon – Like A Feather Dubplate [M16 Riddim]
21. Luciano – Sweep Over My Soul Dubplate [Rastaboyz Riddim]
22. Protoje ft. Jesse Royal & Sevana – Sudden Flight Dubplate [Rastaboyz Riddim]
23. Kabaka Pyramid – Politics Dubplate [Rastaboyz Riddim]
24. Koffee – Raggamuffin Dubplate [Rastaboyz Riddim]
25. Lila Ike & Ward 21 – We Smoke Di Sensimilla Dubplate [Rastaboyz Riddim]
26. Aidonia – Ganja Farmer Dubplate [Pass Di Kutchie – Joker Smoker Riddim]
27. Terror Fabulous – Gangsters Anthem Dubplate [Full Up Riddim]
28. Samory I – Rasta Nuh Gangsta Dubplate [Full Up Riddim]
29. Agent Sasco – Feel Irie Interlude [Full Up Riddim]
30. Mr. WIlliamz – General Dubplate [Prison Oval Riddim]
31. Chronixx – Odd Ras Dubplate [Natty Dread Riddim]
32. Dre Island – Bang Yuh Head Uptown Downtown Dubplate [Natty Dread Riddim]
33. Popcaan – Family Remix [Natty Dread Riddim]
34. Buzzrock ft. Toots & The Maytals – We Deh Ya Dubplate [Boops Riddim]
35. Warrior King – Virtuous Woman Dubplate [Boops Riddim]
36. Jesse Royal – Black Woman Dubplate [Boops Riddim]
37. Mr. Williamz & Carlton Livingston – Smooth Sailing Rumors Dubplate [Satisfaction Riddim]
38. Pressure ft. Bob Marley – Love & Affection Dubplate [Waiting In Vain Riddim]
39. Chronixx – Clean Like A Whistle Dubplate [Road To Zion Riddim]
40. Tarrus Riley – Guess Who Dubplate [Guess Who Riddim]




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Heute hätte Soul-Legende Marvin Gaye (* 2. April 1939, † 1. April 1984) seinen 80. Geburtstag gefeiert!

Zur Feier des Tages gibt es hier den Tribute Mix von DJ Ridym mit Marvin-Gaye-Coverversionen und einem Remix:

1. Shy fx ft. Maverick Sabre – Call Me
2. Daley – Look Up
3. Michael Cooper – Since I Had You
4. Jamie Hawkins – Next To You
5. Nyr – Dance For Me
6. The Floacist – Start Again
7. Marvin Gaye – Aint That Peculiar (Summertime mix)
8. Paul Simpson – Let’s Get It On Remix
9. James Taylor Quartet ft. Omar – After The Dance
10. Lungau Big Band & Tony Momrelle – What’s Going On




Art by Mateo |

♡ Tracklist ♡

Manahira Madagascar – Pays Masikoro
Field recording on bus 171 from our house to Holborn ;)
Kusht – Square Kids @kusht-music
Kamp Krusty (LUM’s Journey) – Dreems & DJ Oi @dreemsdreems
Red Squirrel – Maco Maltauro & Prado @maltauro @pradofe
Sekt on the Beach (Original Mix) – Flowerpowder @flowerpowderrr
Nome e Apelido – Dj Foi Mal & Xique-Xique @dj-foimal @djdunwich
Astral (Spaniol Remix) – Landikhan feat. Niña Indigo @lndkhn @s_paniol
Chant – BéTé @destroydisco
Trompe Mestizo (Danza Perfume Remix) – Murúa @dj_murua
M▲DD◉X # X△M△ _ -◎rigin▵l Mix @maddoxbass
The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Oberwasser Edit) – Ennio Morricone @oberwasser
Forbidden Colours (Jacira Remix) – Mikado Koko @mikadokoko @ja-ci-ra
Red Right Hand [edit] – Peter Power @peter-power
Carried by the wind (Landhouse & Raddantze Astrotrip Remix) – Alaix Pulse @alaixpulse @landhouse-raddantze
Ossâim (MiRET Remix) – Ohxalá @ohxala @miretmusic
Django Unchained Soundtrack- Freedom Remix Anthony Hamilton & Elayna Boynton (if anyone knows the name of the remixer of this version please let us know!)

Big Ben hourly strikes (courtesy of UK Parliament)

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Großartige Edit Collection von That’s Not An Edit zum free Download.
Danke Dafür!



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Monyaka “Rocking Time”
Monyaka “Rocking Time (Dub)”
Monyaka “Rocking Time (Vocal Dub)”
Junior Delgado “Really For A Reason”
Tuff Scout “Really For A Dubwise”
Imaani “Cry No More”
Aba Ariginals “Tribute To Jooks”
Earl Cunningham “Listen To The Words Of The Father”
“Words Of The Emperor Version”
Jah Thomas “The Creator”
Twinkle Brothers “Free Africa”
Allison “Show I The Way”
“Show I Dubwise”
Delroy Williams “Think Twice”
Rockers All Stars “Do The Right”
King Tubby “Rockers Style Dubplate”
Kuriooki “Awake The Power”
Kuriooki “Gretas Ruffa Dub”
Kuriooki “Greta Power Dub”
Mafia & Fluxy feat. Aba Ariginals “1st Trumpet”
Fikir Amlak “No Fear”
Imperial Sound Army “Dub No Fear”
Kibir La Amlak ft Maija “Restoreth My Soul”
Kibir La Amlak ft Maija “Still Waters Dub”
Alpha Steppa ft Naijah & Ras Divarius “The Time Has Come (Dubplate Version)”
Don Fe ft Reality Souljahs “Reality Check”
Don Fe “String Theory”
I David “Bless Them”
Dubdadda “Give Love”
Dubdadda “Give Dub”
Bunnington Judah “Jah Will Guide”
Full Dub “Jah Will Dub”
Humble Brother & Violinbwoy “Violin Rock”
Humble Brother & Violinbwoy “Violin Dub”
Kuriooki & T-Jah “Panterkatze (Tespress)”
Kuriooki & T-Jah “Panterkatze (Jah Schulz Remix)”



Made with instruments, a small mixer and some outboard effects – recorded to tape
Marco Kleebauer




DJ Kevlar – The ReMixTapes Vol 2: James Brown | free download


01 – Blind Man Can See It (Sam Redmore’s Re-Edit Feat. Nancy Dupree With Group of Rochester, NY Youngsters)
02 – The Boss (Manik Re-Edit)
03 – Pass The Peas (Nobley Nobe No Joke Edit)
04 – Papa Don’t Take No Mess (LEGO Dub)
05 – Funky Drummer Vs. Soul Power (Scocco Rework)
06 – Mind Power (Basement Freaks Regroove)
07 – Make It Funky (Dear Lick Remix)
08 – Get On The Good Foot (Kenny Beeper’s DJ’s Mix)
09 – Sex Machine (Ronny Hammond’s Funked Up Reconstruction)
10 – Give It Up Or Turn It Loose (Pecoe Edit)
11 – Make It Good (Copycat Edit / Jay.Soul Retouch)
12 – Ain’t It Funky Now (Yosaku Mixdown)
13 – I Got Ants In My Pants (TWOGOOD Remix)
14 – Too Funky In Here (Charlie Beale Regrooved Edit)
15 – Bring It On…Bring It On (DJ Vapor Remix)
16 – Get Up Off That Thing (Featurecast Edit)
17 – Cold Sweat Pt 1 (Nick Thayer Shit James Says Remix)
18 – Superbad (The Sly Players Regroove)
19 – Rapp Payback (Pied Piper Remix)




Tracklist :

1 – Vacant Vista – Ekko
2 – Chris Hadfield interlude
3 – Liquid Varnasi – Ekko
4 – Last – Mere Mortals
5 – Viento – Dirtwire feat. Maria Del Pilar
6 – Sufi Spin – Adham Shaikh
7 – Duerme, Duerme – Victor Jara (Billy Caso Edit)
8 – Tribalove – Gaudi
9 – Ederlezi – Nicolas Noir
10 – Fused – Dienzephalon
11- Prituri Se Planinata – Stefka Sabotinova (Lerr Edit)
12 – Bells – Menachem26
13 – Sanati – Toires
14 – Mr Excitement – Tipsy
15 – Tmina – Sklad
16 – London Fields – Sounds from the Ground


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