Happy Birthday BOB MARLEY ♫♪ (free Essential Bob Marley Mixtape)


Robert Nesta Marley aka Bob Marley (* 6. Februar 1945 | † 11. Mai 1981) wäre heute 69 Jahre alt geworden. Zur Erinnerung gibt dieses Bob Marley Tribute Mixtape:

Side A
1.Time will tell
2.Natural Mystic
3.Jump Nyahbinghi
4.Stop that train
5.Coming in from the cold
6.Three little birds
7.Who the cap fit
8.Them belly full
9.Wake up and live
10.Talkin Blues
11.Don’t rock my boat
12.Satisfy my soul
14.Is this love
15.Rastaman live up
16.Africa Unite

Side B
2.Forever lovin Jah
4.Burnin and Lootin
5.Crazy Baldheads
6.Jah live
7.Blackman Redemption
8.Zion Train
9.Trench Town
10.Trench town rock
11.Get up Stand up
12.Rat Race
13.So Jah seh
14.Duppy Conqueror
15.One Love

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