Intelligenz - Round of Applause

Cover photo by Cam Thomas


Thank you for listening, watching, supporting and praying … It’s never too late to go for your dreams:-). This video is personal and provides visuals of key points and locations in my life – simplistic but capturing my past. Thank you for being here.
My intent is to inspire – I simply miss Hip-Hop



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Round of Applause – Written By Intelligenz (written in slang :-)


This is history in the making, victory I’m proclaiming,
Celebrating the greatest while separating the latest
Pushing to settle fate, while I’m penetrating these hatas
Jungle is getting hungry, but I continue to slay’em

I remember to pay’em …. For everything that I’m not
It’s crazy how they betray you, gave’m everything I got
Shady how they repay you….I’m empty but never stopping
Know they watching so I’m headed to the top (ugh)

See family try to play you…frenemies try to snake you
Everybody with hands out…none of’em saying thank you
Sick of these greedy fakes…pretending that they(re) the truth….
Everybody got a motive, check the roots.

See there’s reality and fiction…facts & contradictions
I’m just tryna make my momma proud…I know she overlooking
They watching, wanna see me fail, I’m breaking all the odds
I pour my heart out and give it to ya’ll ,… I need a round of applause


Verse II:

Yo – I’m so emotional … everything that I’m going for
I’m feeling like I’m living in this dream and I just woke to pour
My heart out to the realest, (or) really whoever listening
Know that I’m nice but these hata’s just tryna pull me in

Doubting my reflection…progression and my commitment
I’m putting my heart on the line … told’em I was gifted.
Not to mention I’m the epitomeeee….of what they(re) missing
I’m sick of the rap culture, these rappa’s missing the picture

Render me why spitin’….explain to me why you in it?
Gotta be for the fame, cause I hoping it’s not for riches
Industry over-flooded with under-talented spittas
& Yup…I call it like I see, holla if you differ

I’m fluent in my position, thorough with my convictions
Confident that I’m chosen….to carry my disposition
Told’em I was a problem …. none of’em paid attention
If you feeling like I’m feeling ….let me hear it…. a round of applause


Cause this is everything I Am
Something that I doubt that they would ever understand
They said I’ll never make it …. I refuse to comprehend it…
So I’m packing up my dreams and going in …I need a round of applause

Uh…. Yeah… .come on … I need a round of applause….Uh … yeah… come on


Verse III:

See Lyte…gave me the light and a lesson that’s understood
When a legend lends you a message, a blessing for what is good
told me I could accomplish it, promised me, if I honor it,
Anybody who knocking me, know, I am „Unstoppable“

Ready for what is possible, ready for leaking arsenals,
Marginal not an option, locking into my auto mode,
Pardon me if I’m cocky, most of the time I’m humble,
But really that’s whey they try you, expecting for you to stumble,

I put muscle to mumblers, eliminating their culture
Reaffirming my place while replacing the hate with color
I’m other than you expected, RESPECT it, I’m REFLECTING
A DIFFERENT image for women, while murdering ya PROJECTIONS

I’m, one of the coldest, (if) I spit it, then yeah I wrote it …
So quote it, if I deserve it , you know that u see me working
I’m motivated by God, never put up facades
& If you feel me, put ya hands up… I need a round of applause …., getcha hands up

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