TIPP: Gilles Peterson presents Brasil Bam Bam Bam // Video Doku + full album stream

Brasil Bam Bam Bam

Gilles Peterson’s Video Doku über die brasilianische Musik aus dem Jahr 2014 ist jetzt erstmals online verfügbar. Gefilmt wurde die Doku damals anlässlich der Veröffentlichung des gleichnamigen Albums in Brasilien. Sehr sehenswert!


In 2014, I went to Brazil to make an album under the name Sonzeira with some of my favourite musicians working there right now. Meeting with the likes of Elza Soares, Ed Motta and Marcos Valle, it was an amazing experience and was what led to the first Sonzeira album.

While we were there, we also made a documentary to trace the roots running up to the contemporary and show that there’s more to Brazil than bossa nova! And there was obviously a fair bit of digging through Rio’s record shops too…

With the Olympics kicking off in Brazil tonight, it seems like the perfect time to make the film available online for the first time. Excited to share with you..

Gilles Peterson




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